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Other log entries:


Added GrafX2 PKM image format (IBM PC).

Added Kyss Kyg image format (FM Towns).

Added KiSS CEL image format (Miscellaneous).
Not sure if I got greyscale levels right and RGBA non-precomputated status.


Added Kolor Raw image format (Miscellaneous).

Added Draw256 image format (IBM PC).

Updated X11 Puzzle image format (UNIX).

Added Alias PIX image format (UNIX).


Added compressed Spooky Sprites image format (Atari Falcon).
Format not compressed is already supported.

Added compressed MegaPaint BLD image format (Atari ST).


Added Rembrandt image format (Atari Falcon).

Added Doodle image format (Atari ST).
Doodle is supposed to be high resolution image format.
There are however files that contain low and medium resolution bitmaps.
It is not possible to determine the resolution by looking at the file contents.
The only way to determine bitmap resolution is to whitelist file name.
What's even worse, some files do not use default ST color palette and require dedicated color palette.

Added preliminary support for DeskPic image format (Atari ST).
1 plane (2 colors) images work, others (4, 16 and 256 colors) need more inspection.
You can see such images below: 2 colors, 16 colors and 256 colors respectively.


Added Degas image format (Atari ST).
Only uncompressed images are supported by now.

Added IMG Scan image format (Atari ST).

Added Print-Technik image format (Atari Falcon).

Updated InShape IIM image format to the new API (Atari Falcon).


Added PaintPro image format (Atari ST).

Added Art Director image format (Atari ST).

Added Sinbad Slideshow image format (Atari ST).

Added Synthetic Arts image format (Atari ST).


Added Nokia Group Graphics image format (Miscellaneous).

Added Nokia Logo Manager image format (Miscellaneous).

Added Nokia Operator Logo image format (Miscellaneous).

Added Nokia Picture Message image format (Miscellaneous).


Added Boogie Down Paint image format (Commodore 64).
BDP4 compression is not yet supported — I can find no such file nor BDP4 itself.


Added SG3 (Standard Graphics 3) image format (Atari 8-bit).

Added Gephard Hires Graphics image format (Atari 8-bit).

Added Mad Designer image format (Atari 8-bit).

Added InterPainter image format (Atari 8-bit).
It's the first interlaced format added to the viewer.


Added KSS-Paint image format (Atari 8-bit).

Added Sketch-PadDles image format (Atari 8-bit).

Added Graphics Mode 3 image format (Atari 8-bit).

Added Graphics Mode 2 image format (Atari 8-bit).

Added Graphics Mode 1 image format (Atari 8-bit).

Added Micro-Painter image format (Atari 8-bit).


Added initial support of compressed Micro Illustrator image format (Commodore 64).
Micro Illustrator image (not compressed) on the left, the same image compressed on the right.
The picture on the right represents actual state of decompresson algorithm.


Finished compressed Draz Paint image format (Commodore 64).


Finished IPaint image format (Commodore 128).
All color cell types are supported (no color cell, 8x2, 8x4, 8x8 and 8x16).


Finished VBM (VDC Bitmap) image format (Commodore 128).


Added Best Paint image format (Commodore VIC-20).


Added Graphic Assault System image format (Commodore 64).


Added Koala Painter (compressed) image format (Commodore 64).


Added Hires Manager image format (Commodore 64).


Added Amica Paint image format (Commodore 64).

Added Zoomatic image format (Commodore 64).


Added Create with Garfield image format (Commodore 64).

Added Paint Magic+ image format (Commodore 64).


Added FLI Designer (Crest) image format (Commodore 64).

Added FLI Editor (Blackmail) image format (Commodore 64).

Added AFLI Editor (Topaz) image format (Commodore 64).

Added Hires FLI (Crest) image format (Commodore 64).