rōnin (浪人)

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What is it?

rōnin (浪人) was a type of samurai in feudal Japan who had no lord or master.
rōnin is a lightweight and versatile software capable of viewing many abandoned, obscure and long since forgotten image and animation formats.
rōnin supports over 280 animation, icon and image formats.


I've always wanted to write the viewer for old image files and learn how they are built from the inside.
To make a long story short, I started implementing the idea when I wanted to learn new programming language - Nim.


Some of the most prominent features:

Supported operating systems

rōnin runs on the following platforms:

Where's the source, Luke?

Road to freedom:


Features I plan to finish/implement before code release:
Features I plan to implement in distant future:


Build requirements:


In addition to displaying known files, rōnin can also identify them (a'la file):
user@host:~$ ronin -i *
24bit.gif:                                 PixArt image, 320 x 200, 24-bit RGB
abydos.gif:                                Kolor Raw image, 800 x 600, 32-bit RGBA
astron.gif:                                XGA image, 384 x 480, 16-bit RGB, 2:1 pixels
atari.gif:                                 Crack Art image, 320 x 200, 16 colors, RLE compressed
bunt.gif:                                  Funny Paint image, 320 x 200, 256 colors, 8 bitplanes
candle & quill.gif:                        Doodle! image, 160 x 200, 16 colors, uncompressed
dino.gif:                                  Artist64 image, 160 x 200, 16 colors, 2:1 pixels
dinos.gif:                                 IFF data, Atari ST ILBM interleaved image, 320 x 200, 16 colors, VDAT compressed
Disk.gif:                                  Amiga Workbench icon, 35 x 16, 4 colors, disk icon
elite.gif:                                 Koala Painter image, 160 x 200, 16 colors, 2:1 pixels, uncompressed
ER - Cat Burglar (2019)(CAFe 2019, 2).gif: ZX Spectrum CHR$ image, 512 x 192, 15 colors
example.gif:                               Alias PIX image, 1200 x 800, 24-bit RGB
frog.gif:                                  NEOchrome image, 320 x 200, 16 colors
lenna.gif:                                 KSS-Paint image, 160 x 160, 4 colors, 2:1 pixels
mandrill.gif:                              X11 Puzzle image, 512 x 512, 24 colors, 24-bit colormap
paint.gif:                                 Xim image, 640 x 480, 242 colors, 24-bit colormap, uncompressed
Rear Window (2013)(diver).gif:             Border Screen Multicolor image, 384 x 304, 15 colors
samurai.gif:                               IFF data, PBM planar image, 320 x 200, 256 colors, 5:6 pixels, ByteRun1 compressed
team.gif:                                  VBM (VDC Bitmap) image, 858 x 522, black/white, version 2
test2.gif:                                 Rembrandt image, 320 x 200, 16-bit RGB, 1
test.gif:                                  Atari 8-bit Graphics 2 image, 160 x 96, 5 colors
user@host:~$ _